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Welcome to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Directory of Certified Businesses. As you select search criteria, you can get help by clicking the Help icons in each section.

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Business Type Only firms organized for profit are eligible for DBE certification. If you want to search for DBE certified businesses, do not select Non-profit.

Certification Type The search will return companies that have all of the certification types you select. For example, if you select Minority and Woman, the results will include businesses that have both Minority and Woman certification. It will not return companies that have Minority only or Woman only certification.

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  • The keyword search looks for matches with company names and company product descriptions.
  • Use the most specific keywords you can. The search looks for an exact match with your keywords, so if you are not sure of the exact wording, use a single word you are sure of.
  • If you use a keyword that can be part of another word, the search will return all words that contain your keyword. For example, if you enter "sign," the search will return "Zena's Graphic Design Company" as well as "Acme Sign Company."

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