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The State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (SDO)

Pre-certification Workshop Evaluation Form.

The workshop's goal is to provide you with information that will:

  • Clarify the requirements for SDO certification.
  • Specify what types of documents must accompany the application.
  • Give you a quick overview of affirmative market.
  • Answer your questions.

Your response to the following questions will help us to serve you better. You do not need to sign your name.

The goal of the workshop was:  

Information presented at the workshop was:  

The preparation of the presenter was:  

The presentation of the material by the presenter was:  

The organization of the material presented was:  

The appearance of the printed material was:  

Overall, I would rate the workshop:  

I plan to apply for certification:  

Would you recommend that this workshop be required for anyone who wanted to explore SDO certification or public markets?  

Your company/Organization is :
Your Industry is :  

Does your company have:
    A computer?    
    A Modem?    
    Internet/WWW access?    
    A Web Page?    

Frequently Asked Questions

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